My whole life has been around music. Starting in the school orchestra with playing the violin. Then joining a balalaika orchestra (for those that may not know a balalaika is a Russian stringed musical instrument). In my teens a skiffle group (who didn’t). Then to a small dance band and then into country and western. This is where I met my wife as her brother was the drummer. I later took piano lessons. I realised I was a listener rather than a performer as it took me 3 years to get grade one!

In the mid 1950’s I served an apprenticeship in a radio and TV repair shop and soon gained a reputation for repairing record players, tape recorders and hi-fi.

For a short time I joined a division of Pye with Pamphonic until they closed down. With a young family I needed to earn a reasonable wage and took a job in industry. This involved dealing with high voltages and currents which gave me confidence to deal with the elevated voltages in SET transmitter valve amps.

To develop a SET amp and then sit and listen to it gives me great satisfaction and over the last few years I have refined it and achieved a wonderful sound, beating all other genre (but please come listen and judge for yourself).