We’ve designed valve amplifiers that represent the very best money you can invest. As a ballpark – the price guide for our amps are from as low as £2250 to £5000,  the “specials” will be £7000 to £9000 – at risk of repeating myself (which of course I am) these really do represent excellent value, I invite you to listen and ‘see’ for yourself.

In addition we do tend to have second hand Transcription Audio amps. I also do part ex. I only part ex Transcription Audio Amps. Prices from £1,750 with a full 1 years guarantee. Provided they are returned and collected to and from me.

There are 2 types of output valve used: 211 and GM70.

  • The spec levels for either are: Progression 1 with solid-state rectification.
  • Progression 2  with valve rectification.
  • Progression 3 as above plus C-core output transformers.
  • Progression 4 as above but with outboard driver stage/pre-amp.
  • Progression 5  The Full Monty.

Mono-blocks are further option too.

For example …
So you could have e.g. 211 Progression 3  or GM70 Progression 3 .

GM 70 valve amplifier
3x line inputs @2 volt for full output
38 Watts per channel before clipping
Typical 1.5 m/v total noise
2 x U19 half wave rectifier valves
2 x GM 70 copper anodes output valves
2 x 5687 low noise voltage input amps
Size 50 cm  x 55 deep x 20 high.  65 Kg weight!!
Massive oil filled HT smoothing capacitors.
Everything is massive in these amps which is better than any futher technical details and with good ancillary equipment they can be easily compared to very expensive esoteric amps.
The 211 amp  is supplied with replica Western Electric 211 valves and 24 Watts per channel output .  This is a greater output for the 211 valve than is generally quoted and that is because of the 11 Kg output transformers.
Different woods are avaiable, ie solid walnut, solid oak, solid maple.

Please contact me for clarification as we are very flexible with our designs to suit you. Check our GALLERY page to see further images of our products.